• Sierra bullets BlitzKing 38 Caliber (.357) 110 grain JHP #8300

Originally introduced in 1970, the design of this 110 grain #8300 bullet was updated to the Blitz configuration in 1983. The current version retains all the original features together with the Power Jacket to give even better expansion characteristics over a wide velocity range. Suitable for 38 Specials or 357 Magnums, it is best suited to varmints and defense applications at velocities above 800 fps. It is a very effective bullet for handguns with short barrels (2"- 4") or for high velocity applications. It is ideal for the 38 Special snubbies.

Sierra BlitzKing .38 Caliber (.357) 110 grain JHP #8300

  • Brand: Sierra
  • Product Code: 8300
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  • $16.65

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