• Sierra bullets 44 Caliber (.4295) 180 grain Jacketed Hollow Cavity #8600

Designed for the hunter requiring accuracy, penetration and dependable expansion from a 44 Remington Magnum revolver, Sierra introduced the 180 grain #8600 in 1970. These bullets were upgraded with Sierra's PowerJacket in 1982. The dependable Jacketed Hollow Cavity and PowerJacket design makes these bullets extremely versatile. They are true magnum bullets, featuring a heavy jacket and 1 1/2% antimony core, yet they will expand reliably at 44 Special velocities. These bullets are extremely effective on up to deer-size game.  These bullets may also be used in another "old timer," the venerable 44-40 Winchester (44 WCF) cartridge in western-style single-action revolvers and rifles now popular for Cowboy Shooting. Because these bullets have flat noses and cannelures, they may be roll-crimped for use in revolvers and all rifles with tubular magazines.

Sierra .44 Caliber (.4295) 180 grain Jacketed Hollow Cavity #8600

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