• Sierra bullets 44 Caliber (.4295) 300 grain Jacketed Soft Point (50) #8630

Designed for hunting, specifically for large bears, and for Handgun Metallic Silhouette competition with magnum calibers, this 300 grain #8630 Jacketed Soft Point bullet was introduced in 1989. Its construction ensures deep penetration on the largest game due to a heavy jacket and extremely hard 6% antimony core. This is one of the heaviest bullets Sierra produces and should be used in a 44 Magnum, 445 Super Mag, or a similar cartridge. It has an established reputation in the game fields of North America and is considered to be the bullet for hunting dangerous game with a handgun. It is not, however, recommended for deer-size game because of its hardness. Because this bullet has a cannelure and can be roll-crimped, it may be loaded in cartridges and used in modern rifles with tubular magazines. (When seated to the cannelure, this bullet will not feed from a 444 Marlin rifle having a tubular magazine.)

Sierra .44 Caliber (.4295) 300 grain Jacketed Soft Point (50) #8630

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