Sierra bullets, Sights, and Gehmann & Centra Sight Accessories

Okweber sells the entire sierra bullet line at low prices and with low cost shipping.  We are currently selling exclusively Sierra bullets because we believe they are the most accurate bullets available.

Since 1947, Sierra Bullets has been dedicated to manufacturing the most accurate bullets in the world.  And for the last 20 years Otto Weber has been selling Sierra bullets to competition shooters, reloaders and hunters throughout the United States.

From target shooting at a local range to big game hunting, Sierra bullets in our Varminter, BlitzKing, MatchKing, GameKing, Pro-Hunter, Sports Master, and Tournament Master lines from Sierra offer an extra margin of performance that shooters and reloaders can depend on.

Sights, and Gehmann & Centra Sight accessories have also been shown to be one the most accurate sights for competition shooting.


Sierra bullets MatchKing 22 Caliber (.224) High Velocity 53 grain Hollow Point (500) #1400C

Sierra MatchKing .22 Caliber (.224) High Velocity 53 grain Hollow Point (500) #1400C "SPECIAL"

"SPECIAL " For rifles, the 53 grain #1400 bullet is of the conventional flat base design. ..