• Sierra bullets 9mm (.355) 90 grain Jacketed Hollow Cavity #8100

There are many different 9mm cartridges in the world, but not all of them use bullets of .355 inch diameter. Be sure that the handgun cartridge for which you are loading uses .355 inch diameter bullets.


The 90 grain #8100 was originally introduced in the hollow cavity (JHC) design in 1970, but the design was changed in 1983 to the current hollow point (JHP) to enhance feeding in semi-auto pistols. Sierra's Power Jacket with skives enhances expansion in varmints at handgun velocities. Pure lead is used for the core to give good penetration with excellent expansion. The 90 grain #8100 is an excellent bullet for the 380 ACP and can be loaded in that cartridge to excellent velocities for high energy release and effective self defense.

Sierra 9 mm (.355) 90 grain Jacketed Hollow Cavity #8100

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