• Sierra bullets 25 Caliber (.257) 100 grain Spitzer point  (100) #1620

The 100 grain #1620 Spitzer bullet is suited to hunting both varmints and medium game, such as deer and antelope. It features excellent accuracy and dependable expansion. The #1620 bullet is best suited for shots taken at medium game under 300 yards, and it may give slightly superior penetration compared to the GameKing #1625 Spitzer Boat Tail bullet at close range. Sierra's unique four-station jacket draw produces jackets with maximum concentricity and uniformity together with uniform taper dimensions. The result is a bullet with extraordinary accuracy, dependable expansion and deep penetration on medium game. This bullet is well suited for close to medium-range shots. 

Sierra .25 Caliber (.257) 100 grain Spitzer point (100) #1620

  • Brand: Sierra
  • Product Code: 1620
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