• Sierra bullets 270 Caliber (.277) 110 grain Spitzer Point  #1810

For rifles, the 110 grain #1810 bullet was originally designed as a long-range varmint bullet. However, savvy shooters have long known that if impact velocity is kept to a reasonable level, this bullet is also effective on medium game. Superbly accurate, easy on the shoulder, fast and effective, it is ideal for large varmints and medium game at long range. Sierra's Spitzer design guarantees flat trajectory and dependable expansion. This bullet features double taper jacket construction for good penetration and dependable expansion on medium game.

For handguns, designed for fast rifle cartridges, this bullet is not suited to hunting situations at handgun velocities. The 110 grain #1810 bullet is best suited for target shooting or silhouette competition where "toughness" and the trademark Sierra accuracy are assets.

Sierra .270 Caliber (.277) 110 grain Spitzer Point #1810

  • Brand: Sierra
  • Product Code: 1810
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