• Sierra bullets 9mm (.355) 95 grain Full Metal Jacket #8105

There are many different 9mm cartridges in the world, but not all of them use bullets of .355 inch diameter. Be sure that the handgun cartridge for which you are loading uses .355 inch diameter bullets.

The main design criterion for these bullets was reliable feeding in semi-auto handguns, and they achieve that to perfection. The 95 grain #8105 bullet, first introduced as a roundnose FMJ in 1983, was changed to its current shape in 1984. It is intended for the 380 ACP but is an excellent choice for all 9 mm/.355" diameter auto-loaders where a light FMJ is desired.  These bullets will give exceptional reliability and outstanding accuracy, and have been chosen by champion shooters of 9mm handguns worldwide.

Sierra 9 mm (.355) 95 grain Full Metal Jacket #8105

  • Brand: Sierra
  • Product Code: 8105
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